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Address:Anle Industrial Park, Jiepai Town, Danyang, Jiangsu
Business Tel.:86-0511-85167883
Zip code:212323

About us

Jiangsu TIANJU Lighting Co., Ltd. is one of the manufacturers that specializes in the production of auto parts and components and that engages in interior

trimming, headlamps, taillights, foglights, bumpers and other components. Our company integrates mold development and design, BMC production, product

pressing, molding, vacuum plating, PC surface hardening and internal surface antifogging.

Through years of development and practice, now we are able to carry out independent research and development by applying high technology and have

succeeded in carrying out production.We are also highly capable of supplying products to main engine plants and secondary supporting enterprises.

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Auxiliary products for main machine

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Presently TIANJU has been directly or indirectly cooperating with motor factories and secondary suppliers at home and abroad for supply of lamps and other products.

With full-fledged devices, our quality has played a leading role in the same industry.

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As a brand under TIANJU, Naao’s products are mainly targeted at vehicles for Germany, Japan and Korea, involving headlamps, taillights, bumpers and other plastic products.

Widespread absorption and assimilation as well as partnership across the five continents

Na'ao products